You've found my blag!


I'm ansuz. I divide my time between computer science and hacker culture.

What do I like?

I'm interested in cryptography, statistics, information theory, network infrastructure, graph theory, formal language, logic, computational linguistics, fractal mathematics, artificial intelligence, and the cognitive limits of human computer usage.

Those are all largely regarded as fields. In terms of broader styles and philosophies, I enjoy minimalism, architectural modernism, and quietism.

What do I do?

I develop (and host) web content and applications, and I try my best to find ways to apply academic ideas in novel ways.

Where is my code?

I write about my development practices on this blog. You can see some of my other websites on my services page. I'm also on Github.

Can I subscribe?

Yes, I have an rss feed.

How can I get in contact?

I have a contact page. If you're gonna send anything to my email, encrypt it with my pgp key or don't expect a response.

Do you have a resume?

Sort of. My privacy matters to me. You'll have to contact me personally if you are interested in my work history.