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Is there a Mesh-Local in my area?

How local is local?

  • Keep in mind that cjdns is a distributed protocol. You don't need access to Hyperboria to test cjdns. You can connect several of your own computers together and do just fine (although you won't be able to access Hyperborian content, naturally).
  • Beyond that, be prepared to compromise if you can't find someone in your exact area. Ask if there are people in your country, first, and if so, narrow it down. Nearby nodes are optimal, but the network has to start somewhere. If there are no nearby peers, stick around on irc and talk to people, and when someone else is interested and in your area, we will send them your way.
  • You can peer over the regular internet if you'd like to get involved with testing over Hyperboria. The idea of the network is to build the infrastucture to knit together various meshlocals, but if you make a good case that you'll be a help and not a hindrance to the network, someone may be willing to peer with you over a longer distance.

At this point, if you can find someone inside the same geographic region as in the map below, you're doing pretty well. If you can find someone closer, even better.

This graphic is a Risk Board. I don't really know what the numbers are supposed to represent.

Advertising your meshlocal here

I'm quite happy to host a short blurb about your meshlocal. This whole site is written in markdown, so all you need to do is type out whatever information you have to list.

You can use this markdown editor to preview what your markdown will look like. When it's finished, just email it to me, and I'll add it.

It should include:

  • A website
  • At least one irc name belonging to someone representing the project
  • An irc channel, if you have one (I'd recommend it)
  • A link to a mailing list, if you have one (also very handy). If you'd like a solid mailing list instead of hosting your own, contact finn of seattlemesh.
  • A short description of your local's particular goals

My meshlocal

I'm still working on getting it going. If you're in my area, get involved!

Known Meshlocals

Moniker and website IRC Chan (EFNet) Spokesperson Description||Goals
TorontoMesh ansuz Establishing physical connections between the Scarborough Junction and Midtown
NYCMeshnet #nycmeshnet
SeattleMeshnet #seattlemeshnet thefinn93
PortlandMeshnet #portlandmeshnet
Santa Cruz Meshnet interfect
VirginiaMesh #VirginiaMesh cSmith||cechk01_
PhillyMesh Pharynx
BerlinMesh larsg
Other meshlocals on irc:

* #MeshnetEurope
* #marylandmesh
* #dallasmesh
* #cjdns-ru
* #cjdns-la