if you'd like to receive important updates about the state of this node, send an email with the subject line "newark public node subscription" to ansuz@transitiontech.ca.

dropping public peers 1

EDIT: When I last checked the status of this node (August 8th, 2015), it had 72 peers. You are welcome to continue using this node to connect to the network if you don't have other options. I will ask, however, that you please seek other peers once you have connected to the network, and drop this node from your config once you've found other nodes.

I have changed the password that is listed, and I am able to see when listing active peers which are using the old password, and which are using the new one. If the node continues to carry such a large number of peers, I will at some point drop support for the old password, and only support newer nodes. If this breaks your peering, you are free to add the new one, but I expect that those who do not notice the change will be ok, and those who do will simply upgrade to the new pass.



Dropping public peers 2

UPDATE: I got an email from Linode recently

Your Linode, ... has exceeded the bandwidth quota threshold for notification. It has used 1602.2740 GB of 2000 or 80.1%.

The VPS in question is hosting this website. You can look at your network panel while using the site, and see that it's probably not the cause of the traffic. I might have gotten DDoS'd without noticing it, and I'll check my logs for that, but right now I suspect that it's my cjdns running up the meter.

So, once again, I'm getting ready to drop a bunch of peers. If you don't want to get dropped in the future, come talk to me in HypeIRC's #peering, or send me an email. I'll provide you with a unique password that won't get removed. There are 34 people currently using these credentials, while the node has a total of 64 peers. That means more than half of the people are connecting through my node without having contacted me for a password. Unsurprisingly, those who have been using the most bandwidth fall within this group.

Since this is the second time going through this process, I figure I might as well make the process go a little bit smoother. I've created an RSS feed that you can use to get updates about this node. So far it only contains information regarding credentials being revoked, but in the future it might contain something more useful. If you're using this node as an access point into Hyperboria, I highly recommend installing something capable of subscribing to RSS feeds (I use Thunderbird), and following along.

You'll find new credentials listed at the top of the page. Enjoy