Ripping apart Pure.css

There's a whole bunch of stuff in Pure.css that doesn't need to be there, at least for my purposes.

They've done a great job of supporting older browsers, like IE6-9. I don't give even the slightest fuck about anyone who uses Internet Explorer, though, so out it goes!

If this site looks at all funny to you, it's probably because you're using something that isn't Firefox or Chrome. If that's the case, fuck off.

I've decided not to not even support many of the older Firefox versions. I don't know what people are doing with these older browsers, but I'm pretty sure it isn't my problem.

There's some stuff about Opera 12 on windows... gone.

What about the js?

fbt and ircerr complained that the single-page-ness of the site was annoying, because it breaks the regular behaviour of the back-button. I had a look around, and found this page about updating a site's url without refreshing the page.

I added a single line to my js, window.history.pushState("", key, "/"+key);, which makes the browser reflect its current state. This means you can grab the url from your browser's omnibar if you want to copy the link to someone. The back button will move back through this history, but it won't update the page, so it's not quite what they want.

This behaviour isn't supported in all browsers. Again, the fix for this is to use a proper browser. Reports seem to indicate that IE10 was the first to support the new API.

new ActiveXObject("MicrosoftXMLHTTP");

The above datatype is one of Microsoft's many attempts at bullying developers into writing code specifically for their browser. I'd simply copied my ajax function from a snippet I found on stackoverflow, and it included that object in tertiary conditional statement. Since I've abandonded just about everything else which caters to Microsoft's attempts at monopolizing the ecosystem, I figured I might as well drop this, too.

I haven't had any success integrating the ajax function from ki.extend.js, so I might just replace it with this when I've made it a little safer to use.

Pagination and buttons

This blog is sitting behind a proxy which filters http requests based on their host. As such, if I want to launch some specialized page, rather than modifying this server, I can just create a new 'virtualhost'.

That being the case, the css for this site shouldn't need anything beyond what is being used by my template or my Markdown. That means I don't need pure's buttons or pagination (the latter of which I believe is supposed to work with YUI, which I am not using).

I'm not using any buttons either, since there's no comment section on my blog, and thus, no forms. If you want to comment, you can use IRC, or post on your own blog, and link to it.

If you write a blog in response to something I've written, and I feel I need to respond, I'll write a new post about it. I feel this is a better model for intelligent conversation.

Most comment systems just attract trolls, bots, or other abuse. Blogs are a better platform for long-form writing, they encourage people to develop their own web presence, and the content they generate will probably be better thought out.