The last time I published something on this site was August 15th, 2017, well over a year ago.

My last article was a little experiment using one of the new-ish features of Javascript. It was by no means an ambitious article, just something I was playing with, and this seemed like as good a place to publish it as anywhere.

Why the hiatus?

It used to be my habit that any time I saw some technology that excited me, I would write about it. I don't believe I lost that habit, rather, technology has ceased to excite me in the way that it used to. Instead, I think a lot about the other factors which will actually lead towards some meaningful change in the world.

I haven't lost my belief that cryptography is a necessary component in social change. People need to organize to have a greater impact, and in our modern surveillance society, encrypted communications facilitate that. Nevertheless, at this point I find that the greatest problem is not our ability to communicate securely, since people have many choices available when it comes to encrypted communication platforms.

The problem is that our communities have a difficult time coalescing into a form which is not dysfunctional in some way. Technology may help facilitate more effective organization, but the right technology will require careful attention with this goal in mind if it is to be created.

This subject matter is complex, and I am no longer in the habit of writing. Even now, after a lot of thought about the challenges that we face, I struggle to articulate my views.

How I'll move forward

For the most part I've used this site as a platform for expressing views that I was very confident about. I didn't want to advocate for any particular technology unless I really believed in it.

I'm much less sure now about what technologies I should believe in, as it seems that many of the problems in this world are to some degree the result of someone's arrogance. That indecision has made it difficult to express myself.

To that end, I've decided that the best way forward is to make it clear that what I'll write here is not absolute. Instead, I'll try to express whatever's on my mind, to the best of my ability. I'll try not to stick too strongly to any of these opinions, as some of them are surely likely to be incorrect.

What will follow is a series of articles addressing problems I see in software development, adoption, online culture, and anything else that catches my interest.

As per usual, I will not have a comment section. That doesn't necessarily mean I'm not interested in what you think of my writing. Feel free to use the wider internet ecosystem to comment on my thoughts. If you want my attention, you can check my contact page and reach out via email or any of the other platforms listed.