There was a point in the recent past where if you googled Toronto Meshnet you would get this page. That was because there wasn't much else written about mesh networks in Toronto, and enough pages linked back here that google considered it authoritative.

I've archived the original content here for context. I'm writing this new content because circumstances have changed. I now live in Paris, France, and can no longer be considered a very good point of contact for the development of a mesh network in Toronto.

The Good News

Toronto Meshnet is doing well.

While I was getting ready to fly to France, a friend of mine kept on working on finding other people who were interested in working with the technology.

Shortly after I had made the move, I got an email from a freelance journalist based in Toronto. He was interested in writing a piece about mesh networking, and had started looking for info about anything happening in Toronto, and his searches led him to me.

We scheduled a time for a video call, and spent about an hour talking. I pointed him to the group Benhylau had assembled, and then got back to my usual routine.

A few months went by, and then a friend sent me a link to an article that he'd seen on Facebook.

The title seemed like something I'd be interested in, so he started reading, and was surprised to find that I was featured in it.

The Bad News

I'm no longer the top hit for meshnets in TO.

The article doesn't link to https://tomesh.net.

So, if you happen to stumble here looking for that kind of thing, you know where to find it.

I'd very much like to see Toronto Meshnet grow into something large and useful, so if you're in the city and are interested, reach out to my friends and ask how you can get involved!