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I'm ansuz, or at least that's how most people know me on Github and a few other online services. I grew up in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I studied cognitive science and computer science.

What do I like?

I'm interested in cryptography, statistics, information theory, network infrastructure, graph theory, formal language, logic, computational linguistics, fractal mathematics, artificial intelligence, and the cognitive limits of human computer usage.

What do I do?

I moved to Paris, France in December of 2015 to pursue an opportunity at XWiki, where I now work as a research engineer. So far my work time has been dedicated to improving cryptpad, the zero-knowledge realtime collaborative editor. I spend my free time learning French, eating good food, and playing babyfoot.

I also contribute a lot of time to the cjdns community and the fc00 project. In particular:

I occasionally write new articles for this site. If you're interested in receiving updates, you can subscribe to my rss feed.