Most people know me online as ansuz (he/him/whatever). I was born in Canada, but have visited and lived in a number of countries over the last few years. I enjoy photography, juggling, gardening, cycling, and learning about biology.

A disproportionately large amount of my time is spent trying to keep computers from doing bad or incorrect things. Most of the time I use my knowledge of cryptography and interface design to protect people's data. The best example of that is CryptPad, a software project I have been contributing to since 2015 and leading since 2018. It's a end-to-end-encrypted collaboration suite that you can try for free at CryptPad.fr.

Sometimes I write software that uses cryptography for purposes with lower stakes. I deploy these projects on one of my other domains.

I occasionally write new articles for this site. If you're interested in receiving updates, you can subscribe to my rss feed.